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Jul 26

DynamicOps Reports Record Growth, Expands Products, Exec Team

BURLINGTON, Mass, July 26, 2011

DynamicOps, the only provider of the Operations Virtualization™ platform enabling unified cloud automation and management, today announced record revenue and new customer growth for the first half of 2011, compared to the same period last year. The company attributes its extraordinary progress to the increased market demand for private cloud solutions and growing traction for the DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center, a next-generation solution that enables enterprises to create and extend private clouds with unparalleled simplicity and speed.

“The phenomenal growth that we’re experiencing—and that our pipeline indicates will continue—stems from DynamicOps’ unique technology approach to private cloud management, and our ability to help customers achieve rapid payback and high ROI on private cloud programs,” says  Rich Krueger, CEO of DynamicOps.

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Oct 11

DynamicOps is First with Full-Featured, Flexible Platform for On-Demand IT

DynamicOps steps up its game with DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center (DCAC)

DynamicOps is extending its expertise in virtualization and private cloud management by introducing the DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center (DCAC). It is the industry’s first full-featured, flexible platform for defining and rapidly automating the delivery and management of on-demand IT services on a shared multi-tenant private or public cloud infrastructure.

Read more in the DynamicOps DCAC Press Release

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Nov 20

VKernel Capacity Modeler: Free VMware Capacity Planning Podcast with Alex Bakman – Episode 104

VKernel Capacity Modeler: Free VMware Capacity Planning Podcast with Alex Bakman – Episode 104.

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