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Oct 11

DynamicOps is First with Full-Featured, Flexible Platform for On-Demand IT

DynamicOps steps up its game with DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center (DCAC)

DynamicOps is extending its expertise in virtualization and private cloud management by introducing the DynamicOps Cloud Automation Center (DCAC). It is the industry’s first full-featured, flexible platform for defining and rapidly automating the delivery and management of on-demand IT services on a shared multi-tenant private or public cloud infrastructure.

Read more in the DynamicOps DCAC Press Release

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Nov 25

Cross-Platform Tools Needed to Combat Virtualization Sprawl – ALREADY EXIST!

Unfortunately, the author of this article has never heard of DynamicOps VRM

Cross-Platform Tools Needed to Combat Virtualization Sprawl by Cameron Sturdevant @ eWEEK

Hmmm… this article describes the need for DynamicOps Virtual Resource Manager to a tee…  I wonder how much you have to pay to get your name into these articles, anyway…

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