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Jun 26

Watch "DynamicOps & Microsoft System Center Integration" On-Demand Webinar

In this webcast, Chad Jones, VP of Strategy and Product Management, discusses how DynamicOps award-winning cloud solutions integrates with Microsoft System Center Server Management suite 2012 as well as various legacy System Center products. Yous will see how to provide a scalable, user-centric and business-aware cloud that streamlines management of servers and desktops on physical or virtual infrastructure using private or public capacity….

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Feb 08

Reality Check: Scoping Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Desktop Virtualization)

Virtual Desktop started as a simple concept: take the operating system, applications and data normally found on a business user’s physical desktop computer, and put them somewhere else.? Somewhere else could be inside a virtual machine on a hypervisor platform, but regardless of where the bits of data are relocated, the key is that the data is no longer sitting on the physical desktop PC at the user’s location.? Instead of the user touching the physical computer running their applications and holding their data, the user now connects to their desktop remotely.? The requirements and technologies may vary for remote access, management and monitoring, but the idea is always the same – put the running applications and data, or the workload, in a safer, more secure location – the datacenter – on servers most likely managed by a server team.? Sounds simple enough in theory, but so does mixing oil and water.

DABCC: Reality Check: Scoping Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (Desktop Virtualization).

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Feb 08

Virtualization Management Software Should Solve Business Problems, Not Create Them – Part One

Have you ever bought something you were told “everyone” needed to solve a problem you had never heard of?? If so, you were sold on FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt), and it made you feel as though you didn’t want to risk being caught without a solution to this newfound problem.? Conveniently, the company that made you aware of this problem offers a product of some sort, with a cleverly named feature that provides you the solution.? You bought the product because it offered the feature that solved this new problem, but did it solve it, or create it?? Was it even a problem in the first place?? Even worse, did I choose the right product based on my real needs?

DABCC: Virtualization Management Software Should Solve Business Problems, Not Create Them – Part One.

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