May 29

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Vote, Vote, Vote for VMworld…

Today voting has opened for sessions submitted to VMworld 2012. I’ve got 4 candidates in the running.  If you

1465 It’s YOUR Cloud Journey: Bumps in the Road, Without the Bullets

This a very personal presentation which expresses my opinons about the cloud. The presentation is already online at SlideRocket and to be honest I’d be very surprised if this session gets past the content team – that’s mainly because its a polemic by yours truly – plus I’ve deliberately tried to create a Powerpoint presentation that contains no bulleted lists, charts, industry stats. 

1476 Rumble in the Jungle: VMware SRM vs. Stretched Clusters Smackdown

This a joint presentation by Scott Lowe and myself – where we go head to head on virtues of SRM and VMware-HA stretched clusters. I’m known as Mr SRM (as well as Mr RTFM!) so expect the sparks to fly!

1755 VDI – Millstone, Milestone, or Stepping Stone

This a joint presentation between myself and Jeff Drury of mstates.com. It’s part of two presentations were hoping together which build on some of the work I’ve done recently with View 5.x/ThinApp 4.7.x – and Jeff’s real world experiences of deploying and developing VDI solutions.

1757 VMware SRM – Where Theory Meets Practice

This a joint presentation between myself and Jeff Drury of mstates.com. Last year I spent some time in Salt Lake City & Portland advising Jeff’s customers about the SRM deployments. The sessions is intended to build our own set of “best practise” – relating them directly to re-world experiences…

If you search on the Key Word of “Mike Laverick” you should find each of the four sessions.



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