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May 31

BYOD Drives Communism Out of IT –

BYOD Drives Communism Out of IT

Freedom of choice when it comes to technology decisions has traditionally ended at the doors of the enterprise, where IT tells you what hardware and software you can use. But BYOD and consumerization of IT may be the new Glasnost.

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May 31

Which isolation response should I use?

I wrote this article about split brain scenarios for the vSphere Blog. Based on this article I received some questions around which “isolation response” to use. This is not something that can be answered by a simple “recommended practice” and applied to all scenarios out there. Note that below has got everything to do with your infrastructure. Are you using IP-Based storage? Do you have a converged network? All of these impact the decision around the isolation response.

The following table however could be used to make a decision:

Likelihood that host will retain access to VM datastores Likelihood that host will retain access to VM network Recommended Isolation policy Explanation
Likely Likely Leave Powered On VM is running fine so why power it off?
Likely Unlikely Either Leave Powered On or Shutdown Choose shutdown to allow HA to restart VMs on hosts that are not isolated and hence are likely to have access to storage
Unlikely Likely Power Off Use Power Off to avoid having two instances of the same VM on the VM network
Unlikely Unlikely Leave Powered On or Power Off Leave Powered on if the VM can recover from the network/datastore outage if it is not restarted because of the isolation, and Power Off if it likely can’t.

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May 29

VMworld 2012: Vendor Neutral Sessions

This is my personal list of vendor neutral sessions at VMworld that I’m going to vote – and I encourage you vote for yourself.

Filter on “Eric Sloof”
1478 Hosting Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on vSphere 5 – Best Practices
1479 Tuning Windows 8 for Best Performance in VMware View 5
1616 Mythbusting Goes Virtual
1871 Snapshots Deepdive

Filter on “Gabrie Van Zanten”
1335 Health Check of Your vSphere Environment

Filter on “David Davis” (or Kendrick Coleman)
2911 Pass the First Time – VCP Certification Bootcamp
2921 Cloud for Dummies – No BS Guarantee
2927 Building a vCloud Director Home Lab – Stories From The Trenches
931 Top 25 Free Tools for vSphere Management – NEW in 2012

Filter on Luc Dekens
1329 PowerCLI Best Practices: The Return!
1328 vSphere Automation Q&A

Filter on “Jesse Drugan”
1572 Large National Retailer Discusses a Successful Migration of SAP from Big Iron to Commodity Hardware by Utilizing VMware Technology

Filter on “Luigi Danakos”
1726 From Zero to Social in Six Weeks
1348 View Gotchas

Filter on “Phillip Reynolds”
1919 VMware Zimbra: A SMB Success Story of Manageability, Scalibility, and Compliance
1923 Level the Playing Field: Enable SMB Organizations to Grow and Compete with VMware View

Filter on “Howard Marks”
2247 Using Server Side Flash Caching

Filter on “Jonathan Medd”
2112 Transforming Your Automation Scripts with Advanced PowerShell / PowerCLI

Filter on “Julian Wood”
2286 Help, My VDI Project is Hell!

Filter on “Darren Woollard”
1887 VMware Fusion, it’s Not Just Another ‘App’

Filter on “Tom Howarth”
1293 Highly Available View Envionment, On Two ESX Hosts

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