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Jul 16

Dan Mitchell, vExpert and author of VMware vSphere for Dummies speaking at NEVMUG 2012

I will be speaking at the New England VMware Users Group (NEVMUG) on Thursday, July 19th, 2012. The session is titled “Virtualization 101” and is a great introduction to virtual technology. Here is the session description:

Virtualization 101
Thursday 7/19/2012 @ 12:00pm
2nd Floor Auditorium

Mastering the principals of virtualization is the foundation of a
trouble-free environment. Whether you are just starting out or an
seasoned veteran, Dan Mitchell, VMware vExpert and author of
VMware vSphere for Dummies, will reinforce what it takes to build
a rock solid environment. He will take you through the basics of
installation and networking to the best practices of configuring a
Virtual Machine.

Get all the details at

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Jul 02

New England VMUG – Summer Slam

In a couple of weeks time I’m jetting of State ‘O Maine for the first time. This makes me very happy not least because I’m massive John Irving fan, and a lot of his books are set or partially set in the State. I first got to hear of the NEVMUG “Summer Slam” from a good friend of mine, Hans Berndhart (employee 60-something at VMware). The Summer Slam is everything you’d expect from a regional VMUG summit. It’s one of the biggest in the country, but adds its own unique spin in the format of lobster bake-off!

I will be staying the country after the NEVMUG to spend a couple of days in the Maine area before heading of Portland and Salt Lake City to do some work out there…

Registrations are now open for the NEVMUG, with a more details agenda to be released shortly.

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May 14

Columbus Ohio & Austin Texas Bound…

I’m getting all setup for my next trip to the US of A. First stop is to speak at the Columbus, Ohio Regional Conferrence/VMUG on the 22nd May. The agenda for the meeting has been released over here and it will be held at:

Hyatt Regency Columbus
350 North High Street
Columbus, OH 43215

I will be speaking about SRM again, and hope to have an updated deck of slides based on a recent NDA/Roadmap session with VMware that I did a week or so ago. Lets just say the future is very bright and very interesting. I will be joined by fellow vExpert and virtualization guru, David Davis who will be doing a separate talk about the VCP5.

Other notable sessions that I hope to attend on the day is VMware session on “A Vision for User-Centric Computing” by then I suspect that next version of VMware View will have been released, and we will be on the cusp off, or even released some of the new raft of EUC offerings from VMware. So I will be hoping for less chalk/talk, and more a look at the technologies in the flesh. Another notable session will be delivered by Tom MacKay dubbed a “VMware NDA Session”…

Once I’m done in Ohio, I’m getting an internal flight down to Austin,Texas where I will be spending a couple of days with Dell. Were still working on specifics – but I hope it will be similar to the sessions I enjoy with the Dell Equallogic team in Nashua, New Hampshire. I imagine some that content will be NDA based, but there will plenty of stuff I can share, and we are also planning an on-site “Vendorwag” podcast…

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