May 07

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Problems using the vCenter Web Client

I was doing some upgrades in my lab and ran in to an issue. Whenever I started the vCenter Web Client I got a message that the vCenter Inventory Service wasn’t running. I looked at my Services section in Windows 2008 and found that it wasn’t started. Starting it gave me a new error: 1067. This is very generic but I figured I would google it anyway. That actually brought me to our own documentation, yes I should check that first next time, and it mentioned I could reset the inventory service as follows:

  • Stop the service (was already stopped)
  • Delete the entire contents of the Inventory_Service_Directory/data directory
  • Change directory to Inventory_Service_directory/scripts
  • Run the createDB.bat command, with no arguments, to reset the vCenter Inventory Service database
  • Run the register.bat command to update the stored configuration information of the Inventory Service
    register.bat vcenter-tm01.testlab.local 443
  • Restart the vCenter Inventory Service

I also had to re-register the Web Client to vCenter Server. This is what I had to do:

  • admin-cmd.bat register https://vcenter-tm01.testlab.local:9443/vsphere-client https://vcenter-tm01.testlab.local administrator password
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