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Jul 02

New England VMUG – Summer Slam

In a couple of weeks time I’m jetting of State ‘O Maine for the first time. This makes me very happy not least because I’m massive John Irving fan, and a lot of his books are set or partially set in the State. I first got to hear of the NEVMUG “Summer Slam” from a good friend of mine, Hans Berndhart (employee 60-something at VMware). The Summer Slam is everything you’d expect from a regional VMUG summit. It’s one of the biggest in the country, but adds its own unique spin in the format of lobster bake-off!

I will be staying the country after the NEVMUG to spend a couple of days in the Maine area before heading of Portland and Salt Lake City to do some work out there…

Registrations are now open for the NEVMUG, with a more details agenda to be released shortly.

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Jun 26

Watch "DynamicOps & Microsoft System Center Integration" On-Demand Webinar

In this webcast, Chad Jones, VP of Strategy and Product Management, discusses how DynamicOps award-winning cloud solutions integrates with Microsoft System Center Server Management suite 2012 as well as various legacy System Center products. Yous will see how to provide a scalable, user-centric and business-aware cloud that streamlines management of servers and desktops on physical or virtual infrastructure using private or public capacity….

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Jun 25

Vendorwag Offline – Xsigo

A couple of weeks ago I spent sometime with Xsigo in Silicon Valley. That recordings of those sessions went out on youtube some weeks ago, but these are the full resolution videos which are now available, and being pushed out through iTunes and podcast subscription today.

Vendorwag – Xsigo – Elevator Pitch (Part 1 of 4)

Vendorwag – Xsigo – Product Lowdown (Part 2 of 4)

Vendorwag – Xsigo – Product Lowdown (Part 3 of 4)

Vendorwag – Xsigo – Techknowledgy Demo (4 of 4)

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